Venture Studio

You’re an expert in your field and you have a disruptive idea for a new technology product. Whether you’re a first-time founder or a serial entrepreneur, Little Taller’s venture studio transforms dreams into powerful real-life solutions.

Our Partners

We Want to
Invest in You

At Little Taller, we’re people first. We know you have a great idea, but mostly, we want to invest in you as a human being. Why?


You have the Experience

First-time founders and serial entrepreneurs have an invaluable amount of first-hand knowledge.


You have the Passion

Your level of excitement over what could be is inspiring, and we want to be a part of the mission.


You share our Values

We work best when collaborating with humans that align with our core values, our processes, and understand the investment required to launch a successful product.

How We Do It


Support Founders with Bold Ideas

We partner with impactful leaders that have bold ideas. For us, the scheming never stops. We have a treasure trove of creative concepts we’ve been waiting to use for the right company.


Research Trends and Market Validation

Before we launch an MVP in the market, we spend time on intensive trend research and market validation to determine what will work, and thrive, in the real world.


Grow Leadership for Long-Term Success

When your company is set to launch, Little Taller’s experienced core leadership team will work with you to perfect your product-market fit and accelerate growth.