Little Taller Marketplace Apps

Extend the value of your existing sales and marketing technologies and empower partners to be more self-sufficient with our Little Taller marketplace apps.

Our Partners

Custom Apps Built
to Help You Grow


Integrate Partners into Marketing Efforts

Easily integrate partners into marketing campaigns and customize tools to optimize them for your workflow and take more control of your investment.


Align Sales and
Partner Goals

Better visibility and accessibility of critical business data helps align your sales team and partners and sets them up to drive more leads and revenue.


Maximize the Value of
Your CRM

Maximize the value of your CRM and give your partners the tools to do more with less effort by connecting your systems and sharing valuable resources.


The feature sets offered with out-of-the-box marketing tools are robust, but lack customization capabilities, and they make it difficult to integrate partners to make meaningful contributions to marketing campaigns.  

Little Taller marketplace apps for marketing systems make it possible to create co-branded campaigns, empower and educate partners to engage in campaigns and reporting, and improve the overall UX/UI of 
your tool.

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Campaign Center
Empower partners to create and execute campaigns with better content sharing and measurable results. Automate and customize as needed to support your partners through landing pages, HTML emails, social posts, 
and more.
Referral Tracker
Seamlessly generate and share referral URLs to help your partners drive more traffic, demand, and leads back to your business.
Web to Lead
Optimize your web-to-lead process with sales automation. This marketplace apps enables teams 
to easily create, share, and embed marketing 
automation forms.
CoBrand Email / Landing Pages
Create co-branded emails for powerful partner campaigns. With this app, partners with HTML coding capabilities can add their logos, value propositions, 
and CTAs.

Sales Tools

In most organizations, critical data is disconnected in disparate systems, making it difficult for the right people to access information they need when it makes the most impact. Constant roadblocks cripple sales growth.

Little Taller Marketplace apps connect systems to meet user needs and generate expedited ROI. Connect partner sales reports, contacts, leads, and customers with your internal team for enhanced resource management, expedite data management with bulk import/export features, and more.

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CPQ / Product Selector
Make your Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) process more integrated and efficient. This app eliminates manual work and equips your partners to quote with pricing and rules specific to your rules and needs. This app can be used as a stand-alone tool or integrated into your CRM, ERP, and PRM systems.
Gamify your partner program by allowing partners to see how they rank against their peers. Create challenges, streamline onboarding, and drive campaign engagement with this app.
Bulk Data Management
As data grows and ages, and your sales requirements evolve, there will come a time where bulk data updates will be required. Little Taller apps make the process of bulk data management less daunting and more accessible to your trusted partners and power users.
3rd Party Embeds & Integrations
Extend the value of your investment in sales and support technology and empower partners to be more self-sufficient with a variety of marketplace apps that better connect data and features from these disparate systems.
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Customer Success Tools

Strengthen your partner relationship by connecting your PRM, CRM, and data systems.

Little Taller marketplace apps designed for customer success will give your partners the power to do more with less effort and you the ability to maximize the value of your investment. A modularized approach allows you to take advantage of as much automation and customization as you and your partners need.

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Center / Cases
Align account management to your requirements for accounts, cases, and custom objects. Streamline account management, case submission, and case interaction in a variety of 
use cases.
Community Forums
Share, collaborate, and learn together with partners and build a sense of community in your PRM system. Create forums, introduce discussion topics, and share resources to keep your partners 
Pop-Up Messages
Put priorities front-and-center and align partners on your most important programs. This app helps you grab users attention with pop-up messages that display as soon as partners launch 
your PRM.