Powering Enterprise IT Asset Disposal

Nexus worked with Little Taller to design and develop their IT asset management platform. Nexus continues to support its partners’ business growth through active, ongoing feature delivery.

Nexus, now Relltek, is an IT asset disposal company offering enterprises a platform for safely scheduling assets for replacement and disposal. Little Taller is proud to develop and support the underlying technology powering their internal, partner-facing, and customer-facing channels.

Keeping Asset Management on Schedule

Nexus has a multi-faceted business model helping enterprise companies with large IT assets on schedule for replacement. Little Taller powers the platform managing the IT asset lifecycle.

Digital asset managers at large companies are responsible for managing a continuous asset replacement and disposal schedule. While some IT assets get decommissioned because of age or other reasons, some are resold, stored, or otherwise relocated.
The robust platform enables Nexus to work with partners and customers around IT asset management. The toolset developed by Little Taller supports multiple actions happening at the same time like scheduling, planning around IT disposal, and underlying project management.
Physical IT asset disposal involves picking up palettes of materials, printing shipping labels, wiping machines, and preparing them for disposal, recycling, or reselling. To close the loop in the cycle, proof of asset destruction is supplied to align with information security best practices.