A Partner Program Sculpted for Productivity

Little Taller helped Kensington drive a sizable increase in partner engagement with a variety of projects, including system integration, sales dashboards, partner gamification, and rewards.

Kensington provides modern workplace products like docking stations, computer cable locks, ergonomic solutions, and more. The company relies on its Partner Portal to support partners in delivering the right products to target customers worldwide.

The Kensington Partner Portal

Little Taller is proud to develop and manage the Kensington Partner Portal, delivering optimal partner engagement through gamification, product comparisons, dashboards, and partner resources.

Heavy customization of Kensington’s Allbound portal focused on increasing partner engagement. Little Taller developed and implemented a partner leaderboard, features for reward incentivization, system gamification, dashboards and reporting, and features to run time-based campaigns.
The Administrative Dashboard is designed to help internal Kensington program managers better understand the usage of the partner portal. Monthly reports show information like active users, bid revenue entered, and more. Admins can filter accounts by goals, engagements, etc.
For a company as large as Kenginston, it’s difficult to extract product data from their DAM in a format ready for partner engagement. Little Taller built a tool to formulate product data and populate it in an interactive and campaign-focused way, like a product-line campaign for docking stations.
When developing gamification elements, Little Taller makes them time-based and goal-oriented while incorporating stack ranking, giveaways, and prizes. Such an endeavor encourages partners to sell a specific product to a specific revenue target within a specific timeframe to be rewarded.
In addition to time-based campaigns, the Partner Portal provides resources to enable partner success no matter the situation. This product directory displays all Kensington products based on geographic availability and is available to partners for resell.