Leveling Up Call Center Operations

Abstrakt delivers call center software that guides call center agents in real-time, eliminates subjectivity, and automates QA on every call to improve your business outcomes directly. Their brand promise is delivered with the help of Little Taller’s user-centric product design.

Abstrakt is a call center platform designed to eliminate subjectivity and automate QA. Features like real-time call guidance, conversational AI, and detailed reporting and call summaries help improve agent outcomes.

An Intuitive Copilot for Call Center Agents

Little Taller was trusted to level up the Abstrakt platform with appealing and logical product design to enable a seamless user experience for both call center agents and leadership.

Reporting dashboards give sales managers the ability to track individual agent and group performance and see call trends over time. The leaderboard guides managers on their top performing agents.
Color-coded performance metrics give managers an easy way to identify agents in need of additional support. Data can be filtered by date, teams, users, etc. to drive decisions that increase the efficacy of operations and improve the outcome of individual calls.
Advanced conversational AI offers agents recommended responses in real-time. New responses can be logged and shared, and category settings make it easy to standardize call center response processes across teams.
Updated product design introduced the ability to easily integrate Abstrakt with other applications like Aircall, Slack, Salesforce, and other industry tools.
Call metrics include a streamlined call scorecard with performance highlights, a full call summary with the ability to highlight playbook points and recommended response triggers, playbook score, objective score, and more.

Real-Time Call Coaching

Abstrakt recognizes when sales agents hit their framework points and provides recommended responses based on the customer's response, helping guide them through the call.

Agents can set up their guided calls in minutes by connecting Abstrakt to their computer audio. Abstrakt can then guide them through the call framework and provide recommended responses. All call data will be connected to the Abstrakt web app to generate reports and provide sales managers with key insights for review and feedback.