Gainsight Essentials

Gainsight Essentials

Branding a Successful New Product Line

Partnering with Gainsight to introduce a simplified journey for their customers to embed technology into the growth engine of your business, Little Taller created the brand identity and outreach materials for multiple departments to easily communicate with their users the benefits of starting with Essentials. 

Gainsight is a leader in customer success technology. To build upon their enterprise market share, they wanted to introduce a product designed for startups and scaling SaaS companies. Enter Gainsight Essentials, with all branding and marketing designed and developed by Little Taller.

The Impact of Gainsight Essentials

Gainsight Essentials gives scaling teams the ability to streamline the customer journey and embed customer success into daily operations and growth initiatives.

An important element of the Gainsight Essentials brand was to differentiate it as a new product with a unique feature set and value proposition, while also clearly associating it with the well-known Gainsight identity.
Gainsight Essentials is targeted to a smaller audience, providing a streamlined version of the more robust Gainsight platform. Little Taller gained a deep understanding of this demographic to create branding that resonated with the ideal product user.
A powerful SaaS marketing package was developed with every branded piece needed to launch and scale a successful product, including content to educate users on the simplified features.
To help the Gainsight team reach adoption goals quickly, Little Taller equipped their sales team with visual tools, pitch decks, branded collateral, and more.
The microsite was expertly designed and developed, featuring product tours and compelling messaging to attract and entice new users.